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3D design training for curators and artists


This workshop is designed to equip participants with initial sketchup skills. Using this program, participants will learn its creative potential, how to visualise installations remotely, create virtual walkthroughs, and reimagine gallery spaces with their curatorial vision. These skills can be applied in a multitude of ways including using it to make exhibition proposals, construction designs for plinths and dividers or as a digitized conceptual development tool.

About the tutor

​Aimee is a practicing artist and educator living and working on Gadigal land. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from National Art School in Drawing where she is a Sessional Lecturer. She worked as a freelance production designer from 2010-2017 during which she used Sketchup extensively to design and execute sets. She was selected for the Seed initiative with Orange Regional Gallery in 2021 where she will have her first solo show in March 2022.


As the workshops are run based on interest and can be delivered to a group of people at one institution, please contact Aimee to consult about when there are existing workshops which you can join or to schedule a time.

Covid safety plan

In person workshops require all participants to have 2x Approved Covid vaccinations and to wear a mask during the course.  Participants will need to check in to any venues in which the workshop takes place and report if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. 


- To equip curators with the skills to visualize and plan future exhibitions using simple 3D modeling technology. Using these techniques curators can create high quality renders, imagine curatorial possibilities and make the most of exhibition space.

- To assist with artists relationships and consultancy, especially for those working remotely. Artists and curators can develop projects from any location prior to installation.


These fees are for online delivery and may vary for in person workshops. Please contact Aimee for a quote. Interstate in person workshops can be arranged dependant on interest and for an additional fee. All classes have a maximum of 5 participants. 

Two hour: $100

Covers the controls and shortcuts for using the program, participants will make a simple gallery space and put several 2D works on the walls in a traditional hang. We will look at ‘styles’ and how to change the look of the model and its environment. From this users will be able to make still images of their model and go on to turn a floorplan into a 3D model.

Half day workshop: $175

In addition to the above participants will learn animation and make a short video that travels through the space as a digital walk through. We will introduce making 3D objects and the ‘warehouse’ from which users can download pre-made objects into their space.

Two half day workshops: $250

Participants will be guided in the second half day to make a working model of their chosen gallery space and prepare an exhibition plan for a show they intend to execute. They will will be introduced to textures and more complex modeling techniques, natural lighting and specific solutions for the artworks they are introducing to the space.

Cancellation policy

No fee will be charged for rescheduling workshops or cancellations (excluding in-person, non-refundable booking fees or travel expenses incurred). For any non-refundable expenses you will be notified at the time of booking.

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